Winter at Donnelly is wood-smoke misty mornings and star-filled winter nights. Serenity. You slow down, chop wood, make a fire and snuggle by it. Bake a pie in a Metters wood stove. Have an afternoon nap… or, from sheltered verandahs enveloped in forest, be inspired to capture the essence of the place.

The work culminated in a residency exhibition at Earlywork Gallery in South Fremantle. It comprised of a major work supported by several smaller works.

Donnelly Mill
5 x 400mm x 400mm
Mixed Media on Wood
On misty morning before the machine, we rose with the sun.
The crescendo was all ours.
It came on quickly – the rise of mayhem over descending signals.
Below the trees, a decline of wing and country.
The system collapsed while we slept.
Deep shadow concealing mute death. Gradually falling to dust.
With fading memory, the ghosts of forest ancestors return.
Nature’s cup replenished.