An exhibition illustrating how Dutch migrants

have helped shape Western Australia.

Housed in the State Library of Western Australia, this temporary interpretive exhibition includes documentary heritage, significant artefacts, photographs, oral histories and didactic interpretive panels.

Dutch Journeys
State Library of Western Australia
Alexander Library Northbridge
Nonja Peters
Mark Welsh
Exhibition Branding
Exhibition Design
Education Booklet
To mark the 400th anniversary of Dirk Hartog’s historic landing on the shores of Western Australia, the State Library commissioned an exhibition that explores the many ways Dutch migrants have helped shape the State. Documents, artefacts, photographs, oral histories and didactic interpretive panels were designed to tell a story spanning the first recorded Europeans to set foot on Australian soil – the merchants and mariners of the Dutch East India Company – right through to the present day.
This comprehensive project utilised a consistent colour palette and type hierarchy to deliver a complete package that encompassed all aspects of the exhibition design, visual branding for marketing material, and an eight-page education booklet for school-aged visitors.

“We appreciated the thoughtfulness and consideration

in your design process and the quality product which has resulted.”

Carina McPherson. Community Engagement Officer, State Library of Western Australia.