Located in the historic West End of Fremantle, F-Space is a collaborative work space for freelance creatives and tech start-ups.

The task was to design and paint a creative mural to brighten and enliven the main office space.

‘F’ Mural
F Space, Fremantle
F Space
Darren Hutchens
Chris Nixon
Mark Welsh
Brand Development
Located in Fremantle’s historic west end, this collaborative workspace for freelance creatives and tech start-ups was enlivened with this composite illustration centred on the theme of the letter F.
From finches and fish, to fruit and frocks, the 14 meter wide mural injects colour and modernity into the heritage space, to fire imaginations and inspire lateral thinking. Aspects of the surrounding architecture infuse the stylised geometric colour field that forms the backdrop to the work and ties it into the site.
Video courtesy of VAM Media
Images courtesy Brendon Hutchens