Josh’s House is a community project showcasing ten-star energy efficient housing on a regular home-builders budget.

Hosted by Josh Byrns of Gardening Australia, the brand identity had to be approachable, transparent and simple in nature.

Josh’s House
Josh Byrns and Associates
Mark Welsh
Brand Identity
Print Collateral
Online Collateral
Josh Byrne of ABC’s Gardening Australia embarked on a mission to change the way we think about the houses we build by designing a 10-star rated eco-house for the same cost as a typical suburban home. We designed the brand identity for the project, including a logo suite, web graphics, banners, brochures, fact-sheet templates, and a style guide to inform future communications material.
To reflect the project’s values, the look has an approachable, clean, home-grown feel. As this was a community project and all the information was to be made freely available to the public, it was critical the promotional material appear visually accessible and able to demystify the process of building with sustainable resources.
Images Courtesy Josh Byrns and Associates   |   Video courtesy VAM Media