The Lynton Convict Hiring Depot is the best-known example of how convict depots were constructed and organised in WA.

The unmanned, outdoor interpretation needed to be robust and hard-waring, resistant to the harsh conditions presented by the site.

Linton Convict Hiring Station
Northampton Historical Society
Hutt River, West Australia
Mark Welsh
Dr Brian Shepherd
Heritage Interpretation
Exhibition Design
Project Management
This important heritage site is the only intact convict hiring station remaining in Australia, and our successful interpretive design for the site won the 2014 WA Heritage Awards in its category. Site markers, entrance and way-finding signage, and interpretation panels tell how prisoners were incarcerated at Lynton before being hired out to surrounding farm stations and mines.
The harsh climate and isolation of this unmanned outdoor site, situated 500km north of Perth, dictated the use of robust and hard-wearing materials that would be durable, fade-resistant, and able to retain legibility over the long-term.

“Is much appreciated by the tourists to Lynton Heritage Site.  It gives really good information as to what it was like in 1853 for pioneers & prisoners. They are spending more time reading & understanding the history of WA.

Jenny Poett – Conservator.