Commissioned by the Law Society of Western Australia, The Old Court House Law Museum illustrates the history of Western Australia through the eyes of legal practice.

The final stage of the Old Court House Law Museum saw the completion of Gallery 3, the original courtroom and foyer.

Old Court House Law Museum
Law Society of Western Australia
Supreme Court Gardens, Perth
Caroline Ingram
Mark Welsh
Museum Design
Exhibition Design
Graphic Design
Furniture Design
The courthouse lends itself to interpretation as an authentic period reconstruction, augmented with stimulating additional interpretive media. Careful attention has been given to the ways in which the Law Society’s existing collection and acquired items could be used  to enhance meaning and to exemplify the chosen themes in Gallery 1 – the Judge’s Chambers and Gallery 2 – People and the Law. The final design stage of the Old Court House Law Museum saw the development of Gallery 3 – From Past to Present, the original courtroom and foyer with the use of photographs, graphics, oral history audio and selected objects that have been given prominence as ways of presenting Western Australia’s unique stories and rich legal history. The finalisation of this stage completes the overall museum experience bringing together wayfinding systems through-out the space and caters for internal administrative needs such as the storage of educational props and promotional material.