A project that draws upon Western Australia’s significant sporting history
to engender soul within the new Perth Stadium.

Housed within the Optus Stadium, the project included the development of a comprehensive style-guide leading to the design of environmental and interpretive content and display of the State’s sports memorabilia collection.

Optus Stadium
State Government of Western Australia
Burswood Park
Western Australia
Ross Chadwick
(WA Museum)
Mark Welsh
Exhibition Branding
Exhibition Design
Environmental Design

Showcase Design
Object Management
The development of the sports memorabilia design strategy clarified the vision, objectives and criteria for integrating Sports Memorabilia into the Perth Stadium, both now and into the future. The strategy aligns with the overarching project aspirations and delivers on the ‘fans-first’ philosophy. The goal of the strategy was to engender soul within Perth Stadium and to contextualise recognition of elite sport through cultural narratives that highlight ‘The Sport: The Spirit of the Game’.  The strategy developed celebrated sporting and facilities history and identifies the thematic direction for its evolution to create an environment that is focused on delivering the best possible fan experience of the sports memorabilia; from the traditional to the digital. As a collection, the State’s sports memorabilia was representative of champions across sport, culture and gender and athletes with disabilities’ success in elite level competition. This strategy integrates a narrative positioned throughout the building to reflect Perth Stadium’s role as a sporting and cultural beacon. Rather than grouping specific sports and legends together sports memorabilia was placed and exhibited across 15 locations in accordance with the architectural themes of the stadium.