A series of public artworks high-lighting educational values at Harrisdale Community College, Western Australia.

This series of Artworks create visual interest points, triggering responses and connections across the campus. Through a series of symbolic forms and icons, the theme of the Artworks resonate with the daily experience that the students and staff have at Harrisdale Senior College.


Department of Finance, BMW
Harrisdsale Community College
Jason Hirst
Tim Macfarlane Reid
Mark Welsh
Public Artwork
Project Management
A series of public artworks were commissioned by the college to inspire students and visitors in a celebration of learning. The work comprises a series of symbolic forms and images, the most prominent of which are large-scale 6 meter tall 3D sculptural profiles that represent growing minds. These are positioned significantly, looking forward and outward in new directions. A backdrop of brightly coloured 2D panels depict a wide range of subject areas, and suggest both the interconnecting pathways of the brain, and the many career options open to students.
The works employ a diversity of materials appropriate to the site, including stainless steel, brushed aluminium, engraved concrete plinths and printed exterior-grade architectural panels.