An exhibition illustratingĀ the history of morse codeĀ and the significance of Wireless Hill for early communications in Western Australia.

Curated by the City of Melville in collaboration with the Morse Codean Fraternity of Western Australia, this contemporary interpretive exhibition includes local history, significant artefacts, photographs and didactic interpretive panels.

The Wire: A History of Morse Code
City of Melville
Wireless Hill Museum
Gina Capes
Mark Welsh
Exhibition Branding
Exhibition Design
Graphic Design
The discovery of and use of Morse technology in the mid-19th Century led to an unprecedented evolution in worldwide communication and technology. The Wire: A History of Morse Code, highlights milestones in the history of the development of Morse telegraphy, and pays tribute to the Morsecodians Fraternity of Western Australia (Inc)., who have made significant contributions to the field of communication in 20th Century Australia.
The contemporary approach to this project included the development of a strong visual identity, a consistent colour palette and type hierarchy to deliver a complete package that supported exhibition design, visual branding, marketing material, and an extended thirty two page education booklet for school-aged visitors.

“Thank you for a highly professional working process and personalised service, which resulted in a beautifully presented and well received exhibition.

Gina Capes. Museums Curator, City of Melville Museums and Local History.