The Wireless Hill Museum collection consists of objects, photographs and documents that relate to telecommunications and the site itself. These include remnants of the Wireless Hill station, Morse Code equipment, electronics, QSL cards, transmitters and receivers.

The Wireless Hill Museum houses an extensive collection of domestic radios, some of which were manufactured in Western Australia and are highly significant to the State’s history. Industrial relics such as glass conductor fragments and steel cabling were unearthed during an archaeological site dig near the mast base in 2012. A rare set of plate glass negatives found onsite at the Hickey Street Cottages also form part of the exhibition collection.

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The exhibition Transmission celebrates the unique story of the VHF (Very High Frequency) Amateur Radio Club of Western Australia, who have resided onsite at Wireless Hill Park since the 1972. Originally known as the Applecross Wireless Station, the site was formally opened in 1912, when telecommunications switched from underwater cable to the mast antenna, signalling the beginning of a new era in radio transmission and telecommunications.
The brief outlined the development of the Museum’s extensive collection into a comprehensive display. Through the creation of a strong visual identity, accessible and engaging object displays, interpretive signage and site wayfinding, a broad audience can connect with our rich history and provide an immersive experience for guests looking for a uniquely Western Australian heritage encounter.