Armadale and a World at War reveals unique facets of the Armadale community identity. The museum display unpacks stories from home and abroad regarding military service in major conflicts from 1914. 

This permanent exhibition explores how major world conflicts have had an impact on the district that is today known as the City of Armadale. It uses didactic panels, touch screens, images and objects from the C0A moveable heritage collection to tell this story. This exhibition is part of the History House Museum Interpretation Plan and is the fifth stage of development implemented by the City of Armadale.

Armadale and a World at War
City of Armadale
History House Museum
Western Australia
Christen Bell
Mark Welsh
Exhibition Branding
Exhibition Design
Object Management
Graphic Design
Project Management
Inspiration for the permanent display was drawn directly from the stories unique to the City of Armadale’s cultural narrative. Through the display of significant objects with-in the Armadale Museum collection and the stories of how the local community has been impacted by major world conflicts from 1914 to the modern day, themes and story-lines were developed to form accessible thought provoking displays.
The interpretive journey began with the development of an exhibition identity sensitive to the existing permanent display at History House. This visual language, sympathetic to the surrounding display architecture leads the viewer to another facet of the museum’s narrative. Creating design assets specific to the display aids future promotional opportunities for History House Museum; and through the development of a style guide, a sense of unity and rhythm runs through out the gallery as a whole.