The task, to create a place for healing

and evoke a sense of play while assisting with recovery.

The exterior hive wall houses a variety of digital components that provide interactive play opportunities that grow with the life of the artwork.

Interactive Hive Wall
State Government of Western Australia
Perth Children’s Hospital
Mark Welsh + Jason Hirst
Public Artwork
Project Management
Situated in the 4th floor Therapy Garden in the new Perth Children’s Hospital, the 13 x 4 metre curved aluminium structure invites interactive play within a healing environment. The Hive is a major architectural feature housing modules that use microwave sensors to trigger sound-sequencing, lighting, vibration and music in a dynamic way that encourages patients to have fun and gently exercise, which in turn assists in their recovery.
The design concept takes its inspiration from nature. Just as in a beehive, the hospital is a place where a community comes together in an organised and dedicated fashion, with the common goal of caring for their young.