The task, to create a place for healing

and evoke a sense of ambience and magic to assist with recovery.

The art-lighting developed for the gardens is reflective of nature and provides a place of peace and wonder for recovering children.

Reed Lights
State Government of Western Australia
Perth Children’s Hospital
Mark Welsh
Jason Hirst
Public Art
Project Management
Located in the 1st floor Recovery Garden at the new Perth Children’s Hospital, this series of art lighting units create a peaceful ambience and place of wonder for young patients and their families.
With brightly coloured perforated caps atop 3.5 metre reeds, the four light units, engineered to create an ever-changing colour shift that playfully highlights the garden’s flora, represent groups of insects that slowly move from unit to unit. The polished steel structures connect with the landscape design of the garden and lend a strong vertical aspect to the architectural vision for the space.