Showcasing the experience, knowledge and diverse perspectives of Western Australians, from Australia’s first peoples to those who have arrived in more recent years, the ‘Reflections’ gallery explores the social and cultural rhythms that tie our unique communities together.

In this welcoming space, examine the way unique experiences and perspectives have shaped our State’s identity and sense of place. How traditions, systems of power, emotions and spirituality have created positive connections but mutually—inequality.

This deeply reflective exhibition invites you to share your perspective on who we are, where we came from and where we are headed.

Reflections Gallery
New Western Australian Museum
WA State Government
Perth Cultural Centre
Western Australia
WA Museum Curatorial Team
Thylacine, Exhibition Design
Mark Welsh, Graphic Design
Gallery Style Guide
Graphic Design
Design Management
WA Museum Boola Bardip opened 21 November 2020 in the heart of the Perth Cultural Centre. This is just one of six Museums operated by the Western Australian Museum, the State’s premier cultural organisation, housing Western Australia’s scientific and cultural collections. 
Boola Bardip means many stories in Whadjuk Nyoongar; the Country on which the Museum sits. WA Museum Boola Bardip is a place to share Western Australia’s many stories. Our people, our places and our role in the world. 
Fabrik was awarded the design commission for the Reflections Gallery which examines the rich social history of Western Australia – our people, our stories. Developed with a ‘people first’ approach, the gallery features the voices of Western Australians, sharing their stories their own way. 
Working to exhibition design specifications (Thylacine), project managers (WAM) and a variety of production specialists, Fabrik developed a visual Style Guide for gallery interpretation. Using this comprehensive set of conventions, Fabrik then went on to design all interpretive panels, showcase graphics and environmental backdrops for the gallery.
“These stories explore the essence of who we are, where we came from and how we spend our time – at work and at play – in good times and bad,”
– Chief Executive, Alec Coles.
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