There’s been a focus in recent years on the ways in which meaning is constructed in public places, heritage sites and museums.

This has spawned a move away from the didactic presentation of information, and toward a more subjective approach. Greater value is now placed on the emotive ways that visitors experience cultural content. Interpretation relies strongly on stories of human interest in which imagination, empathy and engagement are paramount.
This does not imply a loss of intellectual rigour – rather the reverse. The challenge now is to provoke interest and encourage further inquiry through the judicious choice of content and mode of presentation. Technological advances constantly open new avenues for interpretation allowing a variety of media to be harnessed in affordable and accessible formats that speak intuitively to our shared humanity.


We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate with a client rather than work for them. Sharing ideas makes for better outcomes and a greater sense of achievement for all involved.

Central to our work is the ability to reach an interpretive philosophy and approach to the content that’s endorsed by the client and stakeholders. Fabrik devotes considerable time to this component, as no interpretation will be successful without a strong sense of ownership by all parties. On projects big and small, we find that a comprehensive brief with marked stages is critical to achieving an outstanding outcome.
Fabrik focuses on a great result at every stage of design, manufacture and installation. With strict project management procedures and a strong knowledge of design strategy, specific requirements and materials, we have the skills to bring any project to fruition. Communication is key at Fabrik. We emphasise building strong client relationships and devising a clear, well defined work-flow.
Installations performed for Fabrik are completed by registered and licenced operators. We have taken years to find the best specialist technicians and manufacturers with the vision and finesse to work on our projects. We work with fully trained and up-to-date professionals with the reputation to meet the high specifications of the work we do.
We not only like to push the boundaries and technical parameters of arts projects, we also love to explore the limits of what can be achieved on an emotive level; to probe the human condition and challenge perception. Fabrik aims to surprise and entertain, not just for the benefit of stakeholders, but to foster greater cultural awareness within the community.