The Shinju Fringe Festival is a celebration of the arts

and culture unique to the region of Broome, Western Australia.

Described as the ‘cheeky younger brother’ of Shinju Matsuri – Festival of the Pearl,
the Shinju Fringe Festival aims to celebrate the unique
nature of the people that reside there.

Shinju Fringe Festival
Events Marketing
Broome, Western Australia
Project Manager:
Tiffany Lake
Mark Welsh
Event Branding
Marketing Design
Print Collateral
This project encompassed all aspects of branding for the Shinju Fringe Festival in Broome, Western Australia. This annual event is the cheeky little brother to the internationally renowned Shinju Matsuri Festival that showcases the natural beauty, unique history and diverse character found in the arts and culture of the Broome region.
Inspired by tropical shirt design, we created a brand identity using motifs that tie into the established festival, yet communicate a more casual and colloquial tone. This includes an illustrated series of icons that could be used individually or combined to give an overall feeling of the event, a logo suite, and an identity style guide, all of which ensured continuity across all platforms used to promote the festival throughout Southeast Asia.